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Every follower of Christ should seek opportunities to learn more about God so that they may grow to follow his commandments more faithfully and to love him more deeply.

Bible Study, Wednesdays at 7PM

Wednesdays we meet at St. John to study scripture. Check your bulletin or the News & Events page for more information on our current study!

Confirmation Class

Confirmation is the reaffirmation of one's vows made in baptism. In the Anglican tradition, confirmation requires first going through classes to confirm the believer's understanding of the faith. To schedule confirmation classes, please speak to Fr. Terry Moore.


To Be A Christian is the Anglican Church in North America's catechism. It teaches the basics of Christian belief and life, and is accessible to those who have never heard the gospel before. To Be A Christian is used at all confirmation classes at St. John the Apostle. Download a digital copy here.

Daily Office

From the very early days of the church, it was recognized that the church prays what it believes and believes what it prays. Growth in Jesus Christ is not simply a matter of head knowledge, but continual prayer and formation by the Holy Spirit. The Anglican Daily Office is a regular prayer discipline that can be done individually, with family, or in community. Our Daily Office continues a tradition that dates back to the beginning of the English Reformation. You can pray the Daily Office using the Book of Common Prayer and a Bible, or at the Daily Office website.

Word & Table

In their own words, "Word and Table is a weekly podcast about liturgy, sacrament, and the great tradition of Christian worship and why it is vital in our world today."

The Anglican tradition of worship is filled with real spiritual power and meaningful symbols that have developed over thousands of years of Christian tradition. Word and Table dives deep into this tradition so that worshipers can more deeply appreciate the meaning of Sunday worship.

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